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The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) provides a comprehensive source of information about hearing loss – how to prevent it, identify it, evaluate it, and treat it. Research confirms that untreated hearing loss causes problems for individuals and their friends and family in terms of...


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08.12.2015 Hearables Face Off - Leverage iPhone & Apple Watch
03.16.2015 Guinness World Record Broken For World's Largest Ear Replica
01.29.2015 Senators Heller & Klobuchar Reintroduce Hearing Aid Tax Credit
09.23.2014 Bluetooth headsets may be “game changer” for people with hearing loss
06.22.2014 Wall Street Journal Reports on Hearing Aids and PSAPs
03.22.2014 Just Don't Call Them Hearing Aids
02.21.2014 Researchers Discover Potential Cure for Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
11.26.2013 Don't Shout! We're Deaf Enough Already!
11.11.2013 A Different Kind of Hearing Aid
11.06.2013 FDA Reports that Hearing Loss Signals Need to Diagnosis
09.02.2013 Fruit Fly is Ideal Model to Study Hearing Loss in People
07.22.2013 The History of Hearing Aids
07.01.2013 Audiological Devices Expected to Reach 8.6 Billion Globally in 2018
06.18.2013 Hearing Loss Associated with More Hospitalizations...
06.11.2013 Resources for Coping with Hearing Loss
05.28.2013 Tuning Men into the Upside of Hearing Aids...
04.15.2013 The Links Between Hearing Loss and Dementia
03.13.2013 Mothers Push Georgia Lawmakers for Hearing-Aid Coverage
03.07.2013 Can Earbud's Lead to Hearing Loss?
01.22.2013 What Can Hearing Loss Tell Us About Hearing Disease?
SPECIAL HIA: Top Ten Reasons for Hearing Aid Delight

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